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News | Recknagel Bases for 16mm Dovetail (Fits Optilock for Tikka Rings)

The new selection of front and back bases for popular rifle models including Howa, Remington and Winchester are available from our online store. The anodized aluminium bases fit directly onto the rifle using the screws provided, then allow you to mount your tip-off mounts for 16mm dovetail onto the bases. The 16mm Dovetail is the same as the popular Optilock for Tikka mounts. The construction of these bases are as low as 3.5mm, which allows you to get a very low scope mount.

Recknagel Optilock Bases For:

  • Howa 1500
  • Remington 700
  • Rossler Titan 3 / Titan 6
  • Sauer 202
  • Steyr Classic / Pro Hunter
  • Winchester 70

Available at Alan Rhone Store >>>

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