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Sorbothane® is a polymer (not rubber), does not grind like rubber, therefore will not take the abuse of rubber. Always start with a clean belt or disc. For the best results use 1700 to 2500 RPM. The initial grinding should be with a #120 grit sandpaper and rotate the pad as you grind so you are not grinding in the same area for an extended period. Finish grinding should be with a #220 grit sandpaper.

For optional extra smooth hand finishing use #400 grit sandpaper with a small drop of oil or WD-40 and light pressure. It is not necessary to over finish the pad.

Step 1
Position the pad on the butt of your stock and determine whether or not you can use the existing screw holes. If the holes match. proceed to step 2. If the holes do not match on your wood stock, then do the following: position the pad on the butt of the stock and mark the new screw holes on the gun stock butt. If the new holes are going to interfere with the old holes, then you must plug the old holes of the gun stock butt. The best way to do this is to drill out the old holes with a 1/4" drill to a depth of one inch and then cut a 1/4" dowel rod 7/8" in length and drive it into the hole. Reposition the pad on the stock, mark the location of your new screw holes, drill a 1/8" hole to a depth of one inch and screw the pad to the stock.

Step 2
While the pad is still on the stock, scribe a line on the pad plate. Remove pad from stock and position pad on a grinding jig and sand to the line you have scribed on the plate. If you do not have a jig you can "free hand" sand the pad.

Step 3
After grinding to the proper fit, radius (round) the heel, toe and sides of the pad to remove any square corners. This will make the gun easier to mount to the shoulder, give it a more attractive appearance, and prolong its life.

Step 4
Screw pad on stock. For best results: A. Pads with 1/8 inch holes apply a lubricant like "Vaseline" to the face of the pad around the mounting holes. This will help prevent marring the pad during installation of the screws. Wipe the pad clean after installation. B. Pads with 1/4 inch holes (lubricant not required) insert the plugs if supplied then enjoy the KICK-EEZ® comfort.

Step 5
Placing recoil pads on synthetic stocks require professional installation by your gunsmith.
Important Guarantee Conditions: KICK-EEZ® will replace pads that are defective in material and/or workmanship at the time of installation only. No pad will be replaced under warranty unless the heel, toe and sides of the pad have been carefully radiused (rounded). If you have questions regarding the grinding or installation of the pad, please call KICK-EEZ® (360) 225-9701 before returning pad for replacement.

Fitting By Alan Rhone Ltd

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