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News | Krieghoff Sporting Masters 2015

£35,000 Prize Fund

Champion Prize is a Krieghoff K-80 worth £13,700
plus a 5 year Sponsored Contract with trip to Factory for custom fit!
(alternative prize of £4000 cash if unable to accept sponsored prize)
All the rest of the prize fund is divided into cash prizes over 5 classes.

Each Class inc AAA Overall Prize Fund £3,000
Each Course Has £800 HG + £200 1st every class
11th to 16th August 2015 at Windrush and Westfield SG.

350 Sporting Targets - 3 Courses
100 Bird Sportrap @ Windrush (11th - 14th August)
Sportrap Squad Times from 9am to last squad out at 6pm
125 Bird Sporting @ Windrush (11th - 14th August)
Sporting at Windrush IS NOT squadded, Start anytime between 10am and 2pm
125 Bird Old English Sporting @ Westfield (Sat/Sun 15th & 16th August)
Sporting at Westfield IS NOT squadded, Start either 9.30-10am or 1.30-2pm
 Krieghoff Trade Stand with Gun Display
Krieghoff Workshop with main Gunsmith Each Day
Entry Fee £180.00
Booking available soon, payment required by 30th April.
Bookings taken after that date, payment required at time of booking.
This is 350 birds - 3 shoots - normal entry on that alone would be £140 without this big prize fund!!
3 Different Pool Shoots running Tuesday to Friday
Krieghoff Pool Shoot, Sportrap Pool, Build a Score Pool
Entry Details will be available on the Clay Shooting Company website very soon.


Other Important Information:

  • The Top Six scores will go into a Final 25 bird Shoot Off on Sunday Night for the chance to be Champion - scores will be carried forward into the final. The final will be televised by 
  • Windrush will host the Sportrap and Sporting in one day or over two if you prefer. 
  • 125 Old English Sporting will be shot at Westfield on Sat/Sunday only 
  • Places are limited, 1st come, 1st served 
  • The Champions prize includes trip to the factory and custom stock, 5 years sponsorship, after that title period the gun is yours. If you are unable to accept the Champions prize for contractual or other reasons then a £4000 cash alternative is offered. 
  • All prize giving will be done on the Sunday evening after the super final shoot off. 
  • Enter now by giving your name and days to shoot, payment required by 31st March. 
  • Bookings after 31st March payment has to be made at the time of booking. 
  • Sportrap Timings every 20 mins from 9am each day, last squad out at 6pm. 
  • Windrush 10am - 2pm, not squadded 
  • Westfield 10am or 1.30pm start, not squadded 

Visit the Website for More Information

For a details on entering and booking, you can visit the Clay Shooting Company website.