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Video | 12mm Eurorail System

We look at some of the benefits and options of the 12mm Eurorail System in this short video. This an excellent "Return to Zero" mounting solution with a simple and effective mechanism. We look at the components needed and the options available.

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The Eurorail is a standard size and is available for many different rifles such as Remington, Tikka, Sauer, Sako, Winchester and many more. You can then fit a quick release mount to the Eurorail using the spring loaded lever and your scope is attached securely back on to the rifle. No Torque Settings, No Tools Needed, No Sighting In. No Loss of Zero!

Ideal for removing your Thermal Scope and using as a spotter, then reattaching it back to the rifle and taking the shot. Peace of mind knowing your mount hasn't lost zero. You can also interchange your scope between different rifle models, provided there is a Eurorail fitted to each rifle.

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