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Jones Stock Adjustments are an American Company who produce useful parts for making stock adjustment simple. They can be fitted at home if you have the right tools, or by a gun smith. We offer the fitting service here at Alan Rhone Ltd.


Clever Design

The Jones Stock Adjuster Kits allow you to alter position of your recoil pad without having to remove it each time. The wrench simply adjusts the screw to tighten or loosen through your recoil pad. Plus the Jones Gun Nut Kit is a great option if your removing or changing your recoil pad often.

Trusted Parts

For many years we have been using the Jones Recoil Pad Adjustment parts in our workshop and will continue to use them for years to come. We have excellent facilities and can perform fitting of the Jones Thru-the-Pad Adjuster or the Jones Gun Nut Kit here in our workshop, you will need to contact us to book your gun in, or visit our Service section to find out more.