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Service | Stock Adjustments

We offer stock adjustments for pretty much any wooden stock and even synthetic stocks. This can involve fine tuning adjustments such as shortening or lengthening. Plus we can also quote for adjusting the cast on some stocks.

Alan Rhone - Service - Recoil Pad Fitting

What We Offer

Lengthening a stock is tougher to do than shortening, especially if you need quite a lot adding on and want to match up wood grain and colour. We do advise on all issues regarding permanent work such as this. The process of lengthening a stock involves adding spacers, or a thicker recoil pad. Whereas shortening involves removing part of your stock.

We can offer a cast adjustment on some stocks. This is the process of gradually bending the stock cast to the desired measurments. The bigger the cast, the longer the process will take.

Fitting a Stock to an Action - £75.00
Fitting a Forearm - £75.00
Recoil Pad Fitting - £100.00 (without pad)

Extra Options

We also offer an added service for fitting Jones Gun Nut Kits. This is a very popular addition as these are designed to replace your existing recoil pad holes with permanent fitted metal threaded holes, with the bonus you can remove and replace your pad as much as you like without wearing down the holes.

Another added service is the fitting of a Jones Thru-the-Pad Adjuster. This is fitted between your recoil pad and your stock to allow you to untighten, adjust, then tighten your recoil pad with a wrench that fits through the recoil pad, meaning you don't have to remove the pad to adjust it's position.

Fine Tuned Finish

We work to a very precise standard, and using proven methods and expert tools and machinery we can get the perfect measurment for you. We also use high quality hardware and processes to acheive a fine finish to any gun.