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Founded in 1889, Schultz & Larsen are known world wide for the excellence of their cut rifled barrels.   In a time when the gunmaking industry seeks to produce barrels quicker and at lower cost, Schultz & Larsen continue to make their barrels using traditional cut rifling with every barrel individually honed with a tin lap. This attention to detail produces amazingly accurate barrels that are not load specific.

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Schultz and Larsen Rifles

The Schultz & Larsen Professional Bipod by Spartan

This exclusive bipod made by Spartan is a lightweight, quick release answer if you're looking for a bipod for your S&L rifle. It's packed with neat features so it gives the flexibility to mount comfortably in a number of different ways. Featuring a 60º Rotation and a 30º Cant for maneuverability. Locking leg position, with both legs extendable and the option to remove the rubber cap to reveal a spiked end for softer ground. The best part is the quick release system, using a rare earth magnetic fitting in the bipod adaptor, the bipod can be attached or removed in seconds. A must have for any serious hunter. Visit the Alan Rhone Store for More Information.

Schultz and Larsen Bipod

Accuracy as Standard Since 1889

The Schultz & Larsen range includes a stunning variety of switch barrel rifles such as Victory, Ambassador, Classic DL, Legacy and Tactical for every situation as well as some excellent accessories to suit other rifles. To find out more about the rifles, visit the Great Dane Rifles website.