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Schultz & Larsen | Picatinny Rings

Schultz and Larsen Picatinny Rings

Schultz & Larsen Picatinny Scope Mounts

Schultz & Larsen Picatinny Rings and Rails

The combination of the S&L Picatinny Rail and Rings allow for exceptional results when mounting your scope. The rail at 7mm BH plus the lowest rings at 4mm BH, gives a total height from the action of 11mm BH. A very low result shown here.

To see the range of Picatinny Rails, Weaver Bases and Other Scope Mounting Options, please see the Picatinny Rails Section.

Schultz & Larsen Scope Mounts

Picatinny and Weaver Ring Mounts are made in house at Schultz & Larsen. Again, these are made from high grade steel and have an extremely solid construction. The picatinny ring mounts will only fit to picatinny rails and are not made to fit the weaver profile. The weaver ring mounts will fit both piactinny and weaver.

Picatinny Rings  
30mm Extra Low - Steel 4mm BH Rings
30mm Extra Low - Aluminium 4mm BH Rings
30mm Low - Steel 7mm BH Rings

Weaver Rings  
30mm Extra Low - Steel 4mm BH Rings
30mm Low - Steel 7mm BH Rings
Schultz & Larsen Scope Mounts

Accuracy as Standard Since 1889

The Schultz & Larsen range includes a stunning variety of switch barrel rifles such as Victory, Ambassador, Classic DL, Legacy and Tactical for every situation as well as some excellent accessories to suit other rifles. To find out more about the rifles, visit the Great Dane Rifles website.