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No job is too small. We like to help you when and where you need it. If you are unsure of anything, contact us and we'll be happy to give you guidance and instructions. If a job is beyond your skill set, we can of course perform a lot of work at our fully fitted workshop at Alan Rhone Ltd, North Wales. You can send us your gun, or make an appointment to visit us.

Alan Rhone - Service - Scope Mounting

What We Offer

There are many different types of mounts for your scope, some are straight forward using 'off-the-shelf' parts, others need a little more fine tuning or even custom made parts such as fitting claw mounts. We have expert knowledge of most rifles and configurations to be able to fit your rifle scope properly and correctly. With experience in scope mounting for many rifles over the years, when it comes to getting the job done, we know best. With a wide range of hardware available from Recknagel, Contessa and Ziegler we stand a good chance of being able to mount your scope. You can see our range of parts we supply in the products section, and most of the time the parts are made specifically for your rifle so you can mount your scope simply and professionally at home.

Mount Your Scope Properly

We see people with a brand new rifle costing a couple thousand pound, with a brand new top of the range scope, then they buy poor fitting, low quality mounts to mount the scope with. This doesn't make sense to us, and we encourage people to go for something with better quality and a much better fit. This will result in having a fit you want, rather than a fit you have to put up with. Get it right 1st time.
See the Common Problems when Scope mounting.

Measure for the Correct Height

One of the most common questions we get asked is: What height parts do I need? This is a simple method of measuring you can do at home, and does depend a lot on what rifle and what scope you have. We have put together some step by step instructions on how to measure for the correct parts when scope mounting.
See the Getting the Correct Height Instructions for Picatinny Rail and Rings.

Fitting a Picatinny Rail Video

We talk you through and demonstrate the basic fitting procedure of a picatinny rail. A very straight forward method to fit a picatinny rail to your rifle with excellent results.

Watch the Video Here >>>

Fitting a Picatinny Rail Video

Scope Mounting Coin Trick

A simple method to find out what height scope mounts you require with your scope. There are many different options of scope mounts so getting the right height is important and the coin trick works great.

Watch the Video Here >>>

Scope Mounting Coin Trick Video

12mm Eurorail System

The 12mm Eurorail System is a repeatable zero mounting solution. Quickly interchange scopes between rifles and even exchange multiple scopes on one rifle.

Watch the Video Here >>>

Fitting a Picatinny Rail Video

Blaser Quick Release Mounting System

Contessa produce a fantastic range of quick release mounts for Blaser to fit the R93 and R8 models. The quick release mounts are available in ring mount, picatinny rail

Watch the Video Here >>>

Fitting a Picatinny Rail Video

Looking for a Picatinny Rail?

We have picatinny rails for wide range of rifle models and carry the majority in stock for immediate dispatch. Visit the Picatinny Rail Models Section on the Alan Rhone Store to see the complete selection we have available. The section contains part numbers, heights and hole spacing, so it's a easy reference to find the correct rail for you.

Picatinny Rail Options

Trusted Hardware

We thoroughly trial and test a product for quality before we decide to use and sell it, this way we can be sure we are passing on quality to our customers. The ranges of hardware available from Recknagel, Contessa and Ziegler are outstanding quality, each made by skilled and trusted manufacturers that we have built very positive relationships with over the years.