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Service | Recoil Pad Fitting

A popular service with excellent results and customer satisfaction time after time. Our fitting service require you to either send your stock to us to have the work done, or you can make an appointment to come in and drop your gun off for the work to be carried out.

Alan Rhone - Service - Recoil Pad Fitting

What We Offer

Our recoil pad fitting service gives you peace of mind that your new recoil pad will be fitted with an excellent finish and correctly positioned. We use trusted and high quality recoil pads made by Kick-Eez and vulcanite spacers as the main components of a pad fit. If you require spacers or a thicker pad to increase the stock length, this can also be included in the service. We can fit pretty much any recoil pad to any stock, with a fast turnaround time and exactly how you want it.

Extra Options

We also offer an added service for fitting Jones Gun Nut Kits. This is a very popular addition as these are designed to replace your existing recoil pad holes with permanent fitted metal threaded holes, with the bonus you can remove and replace your pad as much as you like without wearing down the holes.

Another added service is the fitting of a Jones Thru-the-Pad Adjuster. This is fitted between your recoil pad and your stock to allow you to untighten, adjust, then tighten your recoil pad with a wrench that fits through the recoil pad, meaning you don't have to remove the pad to adjust it's position. This is charged at a standard rate of £120.00 (not including the recoil pad or the Jones pad adjuster). For a fully fitted Recoil Pad and with fitted Jones Thru-the-Pad Adjuster starts from £259.00.

Expert Finish

We have performed 100's of recoil pad fits over the years, and when you get to know a job so well, you can perfect it down to an art. The finish on our recoil pad fitting service is second to none. With the right method and tools available we get our pad fitted with extreme care and attention.