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Products | Kick-Eez Recoil Pads

Kick-Eez Recoil Pads are known all over the world as a leading pad manufacturer. Our range of Kick-Eez pads covers different shooting disciplines and set-ups. Each pad has it's own style, but they're essentially all made of the same high quality material, Sorbothane.


Recoil Reduction

KICK-EEZ recoil pads are all made of SorbothaneĀ®, which provides shock absorption and reduces recoil effectively and quickly. Less recoil reduces flinching, easing sore shoulders and cheeks and eliminates recoil in all shooting conditions. From shoulder to fingers, KICK-EEZĀ® has something to help reduce flinching and ease soreness as well as help to adjust your "line of sight." All these products are ideal for hunters, recreational and competitive shooters.

Fitting at Home or By Alan Rhone Ltd

KICK-EEZ recoil pads are made with a soft Sorbothane pad, fixed to a vulcanite fitting plate. The pad is designed to be easy to grind and fit to pretty much any stock. Fitting Instructions on how to fit your pad can be followed to get a good, clean finished pad fit. Also, if you would like us to fit your pad, please call us on 01978 66 00 01, or visit our Service - Pad Fitting section.