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AimSport in Sweden have developed a moderator with a difference. The lightweight aluminium sound moderator is ultra quiet, super slim and with a new interchangeable thread nut design, it is very versatile.

We only Stock the Plus Camo and the Compact Camo - Limited Stock Available
Unfortunately we do not have the Cyclone, Triton Models or any recently released available.

We are NO LONGER AIMSPORT DISTRIBUTOR. Please Contact Highland Outdoors in the UK.

AimZonic Sound Moderators

AimZonic Sound Moderators

Lightweight and compact, the aimZonic uses a completely new system with a large expansion chamber and by-pass valve. The aimZonic main models, Compact and Plus. All of which have a 5-year guarantee.

One Moderator for All of Your Rifles

The revolutionary modular design by aimSport allows you to change the thread nut on either the Plus or the Compact. The thread nuts can interchange between the two different models. This makes it perfect for dealers to stock many different specifications with minimal actual parts. We can supply every thread size available for your rifle. If you don't know the thread size on your barrel, you can check it yourself by following a few basic proceedures - Find your Thread Size.

Camo & Snow Models Available

The AimZonic Moderator range are the new Camo Plus, Camo Compact and Snow Plus. See the details on the Aimzonic Plus and the AimZonic Compact section. They are indentical to the existing Plus model, with the exception of camoflague outter design.

AimZonic Camo

AimZonic Reviews

See the various magazine reviews on the AimZonic moderators below:

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AimZonic Camo


High Quality Designed and Made in Sweden

All of the AimZonic Sound Moderators are made in Sweden by AimSport, and come with a 5 year full warranty. This means if there are any faults in this time, no matter how many rounds you put through it, we will replace the moderator as new, no question. We recommend you maintain your moderator throughout it's lifetime with care and maintainance, it is simple to clean and maintain, just soak in paraffin for a day, drip dry and you're done.

Trade Enquiries Welcome

Whether you are an existing dealer of ours or would like to become one, we are happy to supply you with details. All you need is an up to date RFD license to be able to become a trade member of ours. You can contact us direct on 01978 66 00 01, or email us at with your order details and RFD.