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Krieghoff Classic Big Five Rifle

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Krieghoff Classic Big 5 Rifle

Classic "Big 5" | Details

It is the ultimate African adventure, the quest for the "Big Five". And it is forever connected with side-by-side rifles, a classic configuration which bespeaks superb handling and ultimate reliability.
Krieghoff has the rifle to meet the challenge: The CLASSIC "Big Five". It was designed in conjunction with professional hunters and safari experts specifically for hunting dangerous game.
Calibers available range from .375 Flanged Magnum to .500 Nitro Express - the most effective on dangerous game and the choice of professional hunters.

Classic "Big 5" | Features

An important design feature of all CLASSIC Standards up to and including caliber .375 H&H or Flanged Mag. NE, is an adjustable and removable wedge at the muzzle with integrated front sight which allows for re-regulation of the barrels without re-soldering and re-bluing. This feature allows to fine tune the accuracy of the rifle at longer ranges and is a very helpful tool when ammunition is being changed or a scope is being installed which in both cases may require to re-regulate the barrels.

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