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Krieghoff Hubertus Rifle

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Krieghoff Hubertus

Hubertus | Details

In the long-standing tradition of hunting, a single shot rifle has always been a very special gun. It stands for beauty and excellent handling characteristics. To use one in the field often creates moments of unforgettable memories. Therefore, we have named our rifle after the hunting patron St. Hubertus.

Hubertus | Features

The Krieghoff HUBERTUS combines tradition and some new and innovative features. In addition to the superb handling of the rifle, a most important feature is the manual cocking device which is located on the top tang, in the position usually occupied by a conventional safety. It allows to carry the HUBERTUS fully loaded with the hammer uncocked - the safest position since there is no chance of an accidental discharge. Add to that the Universal-Trigger-System and the Combi-Cocking-Device, both standard features of the HUBERTUS, and the result is a rifle with important advantages in practical use.

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