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Krieghoff Ultra Double Rifle

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Krieghoff Ultra Double Rifle

Ultra | Details

The Krieghoff ULTRA is a modern over-and-under hunting gun available with 20 gauge action. We offer it as an over-and-under rifle or an over-and-under rifle/shotgun combination in 20 gauge and calibers up to 9.3x74R. Following the Krieghoff tradition of the 'universal hunting gun', the ULTRA includes the combi-cocking device and the universal trigger system as standard features. You may add extra sets of interchangeable rifle or combination barrels making it our most versatile hunting over-and-under.

Ultra | Features

Add to the ULTRA over-and-under rifle/shotgun combination our full length insert barrel EL-65 and the result is the ideal gun for small and medium game together. The EL-65 makes the ULTRA even more versatile, truly 'universal' in the Krieghoff sense.

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