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Ziegler ZP | Blaser Mounts

Ziegler Mounts for Blaser

Blaser Mounts | Rings and Picatinny Rail

In 2016, Ziegler released their new line of Blaser Scope Mounts. A sleek design and the perfect fit for your Blaser R93 and R8 rifles. Using a simple twist lock catch to attach the mount to your rifle and you're good to go. The mount require no tools or gun smithing to fit, simple to attach and detach. Ideal for cleaning, transporting and storage.

Blaser Scope Mount for Rings - Available Options
1 inch / 26mm
30mm (13.5mm or 17mm High)
34mm (13.5mm or 17mm High)

Blaser Scope Mount for Picatinny
Ideal for Moutning Night Vision or existing Picatinny Rings

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Ziegler Mounts for Blaser R93

Blaser Mounts | Rail Scopes and Red Dot Sights

Also available in the new line of Blaser Mounts are quick release mounts for Zeiss Rail Scopes and Swarovski Rail Scopes.

Plus the red dot sights are covered with the options for the Aimpoint H2 and the Docter Sight/Zeiss Compact Sight.

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Ziegler Scope Mounts for Blaser Rifles

Fitting to Your Rifle

The Ziegler ZP Mounting system is simple to fit to your Blaser rifle. We offer full support with all Ziegler products, so if you have any issues with fitting or any questions regarding eye relief or mounting height you can contact us at