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The Contra Claw Mount is in principle an "inverted" Suhler Claw Mount. The back foot is first fitted and locked, then the front one. The lock then sits on top of the front receiver cover. This type of mount permits the
rings to be fitted on the telescopic sight tube and is the ideal, elegant mount for telescopic sights on repeaters or break-down weapons where a mount with a large ring on the lens is not desired.

Ziegler Claw Mount

Main Components

Individual hook base and lock base specific to each rifle. (See the list available rifle models here)
Scope attachments: Ring with Hook Feet and Ring with Lock Feet, Picatinny Rail with Hook and Lock Feet.

Ziegler Scope Mounting Components

Hook Ring and Hook Base

Once the Ziegler Hook Base is fitted to your rifle. It can then accept the Hook Ring. The Ring rotates into the base and hooks into it.

The Hook Rings are available in various heights depending on your mounting requirement.

Note: There are two variations of the Hook Ring. The N-Form and the L-Form. The Hook Ring Form depends on the model of Ziegler Rifle Bases. The lowest height of Hook Ring in the N-Form being 11mm and the lowest height of Hook Ring in the L-Form being 9mm. To find out which Form bases are required, please see the Ziegler Catalogue for more information.    

Ziegler Catalogue

Lock Ring and Lock Foot

The Ziegler System is a component system which combines multiple parts to build up the necessary height needed for each mounting setup.

Different heights in the Lock Foot and the Lock Ring are available.

This means you can build up the complete Lock Ring in a wide range of heights to suit your particular requirements.

The two components fit together using a dovetail and then they're locked in place with fixing screws either side of the Lock Foot. This is also used to achieve an accurate mount and for windage adjustment if needed.  

Ziegler Catalogue

Lock Ring and Lock Base

Once the Lock Ring is assembled, it can fit into the Lock Base.

It requires a large amount of force to fit into the base, but once it is mounted to the scope, this force acts to hold the mounts in place and provide a very high level of repeatability. As the Lock Ring drops into position, a spring loaded catch locks the ring in place.  

To release the Lock Ring from the base, you use the release buttons either side of the Lock Base.

Note: Some rifle actions  are parallel, some have different heights between the front and rear bases. Using the component method, you are able to achieve a correct mounting height of both of the Hook Ring and Lock Ring so that the scope is level with the bore line. 

Ziegler Catalogue

Guaranteed to Keep Zero

In practice, those using the Ziegler ZP Mount will notice an increase in the precision of their hunting rifle. Especially when firing from a great distance. Control shots will prove that there is virtually no inaccuracy, irrespective of how many times the telescopic sight is mounted and dismounted, and there are no setting shot problems - The Scope Keeps Zero.

Fitting for Your Rifle

The Ziegler ZP Mounting system is available for a wide range of different rifle manufacturers and models, plus the option of custom fitting is also a possibility. See the list of Available Models of the Ziegler ZP Mounts here.