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State-of-the-art production processes, new materials and test procedures produce better solutions today. After two years of development work we have succeeded in redefining the time-honoured Suhler Claw Mount for the 21st century. Hand crafted perfection combined with unbeatable performance characteristics make the ideal complement to your high-quality weapon. New design makes the mount more rigid, tension-free, stable over the long-term and easy to fit.

Ziegler Suhler Claw Mount

Main Components

Individual hook base and lock base specific to each rifle. (See the list available rifle models here)
Scope attachments: Ring with Hook Feet and Ring with Lock Feet, Picatinny Rail with Hook and Lock Feet..

Ziegler Suhler Claw Mount

Guaranteed to Keep Zero

In practice, those using the Ziegler ZP Mount will notice an increase in the precision of their hunting rifle. Especially when firing from a great distance. Control shots will prove that there is virtually no inaccuracy, irrespective of how many times the telescopic sight is mounted and dismounted, and there are no setting shot problems - The Scope Keeps Zero.

Fitting for Your Rifle

The Ziegler ZP Mounting system is available for a wide range of different rifle manufacturers and models, plus the option of custom fitting is also a possibility. See the list of Available Models of the Ziegler ZP Mounts here.