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Latest addition to the Precision Fit Stock Grip, the Blaser F3, available in Right and Left hand models. The Precision Fit Stock Units give you complete control over your stock adjustments. With the ability to adjust cast, pitch, length and comb position, you will guarantee to get the right set up.

You can visit out Online Store to see more information on the Precision Fit Stock range.


Unsurpassed Recoil Reduction

These units have been developed to make shooting an even greater pleasure. The stock is designed to provide you with a very serious shooting tool. They enable you to get a precise gun fit and a level of recoil reduction that is unsurpassed by any devices currently on the market.  You can visit the manufacturer's website:
You are provided with an entire stock; complete with grip, comb, pad and mechanical mechanism.


  • Length of Pull from 13" to 16"
  • Comb height adjustment
  • Comb lateral adjustment
  • Comb rotation adjustment
  • Comb angularity adjustment
  • Comb cast adjustment
  • Side to Side adjustment
  • Cast-on, Cast-off adjustment
  • Up-Down, Heel-Toe adjustment
  • Pad rotation adjustment
  • Fitted with KICK-EEZ recoil pad

Available for a Wide Range

If you have two guns and would like to use the Precision Fit Stock on both you can buy an extra grip and simply change the unit from gun to gun. you only need remove one screw using the wrench included in the tool kit. You can do this even if your two guns are different makes e.g Krieghoff K-80 and Perazzi. If you change you gun and want to use your Precision fit Stock on your new gun we can supply you with a new grip. We will even take your original grip back and allow upto 50% off the cost of the new grip. Your original grip must be unaltered or unmodified which includes being painted.
Stocks available for:
Blaser F3
Krieghoff K-80, K-32 and Signature LW, Right & Left Hand
Perazzi MX Series with Drop Out Trigger, Right & Left-Hand
Browning/Miroku, Right & Left Hand
Beretta 68X series, Right & Left Hand