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The Aluminium Rails from Recknagel are made from strong black anodized aluminium or blued steel with pre-drilled screw holes for quick and simple fitting to individual rifle models.

Recknagel | Picatinny/Weaver Rails

Here are the Pre-Drilled Recknagel Aluminium Rails we generally keep in stock ready for imediate dispatch. To see more information about hole spacing, weights and heights click the product name link. To see the complete range of Recknagel Rails, see the Catalogue.

11mm Dovetail to Picatinny Adaptor (Low)
CZ Dovetail [57050-0062]
Anschutz 1780 [57050-002B]
Antonio Zoli 1900 [57050-0089]
Benelli ARGO [57050-0076]
Browning A Bolt Long [57050-012T]
Browning A Bolt Short [57050-002T]
Browning BAR [57050-0003]
Browning Maral [57050-002J]
Browning X-Bolt [57050-001P]
Browning X-Bolt Long [57050-011P]
Browning X-Bolt Super Short [57050-021P]
H&K SLB 2000 [57050-0008]
Haenel Jager 10 [57050-001W]
Haenel SLB 2000+ [57050-0021]
Howa 1500 Short [57050-0059]
Howa 1500 Short 20 MOA [57050-2059]
Krico 700/900/902 [57050-0006]
Marlin 1894 [57050-001V]
Marlin 1895 / 336 [57050-0015]
Mauser 98 [57050-0010]
Mauser 98 20 MOA [57050-2010]
Mauser M12 [57050-002L]
Mauser M18 [57050-002X]
Mauser M18, 20 MOA [57050-202X]
Merkel SR1 [57050-0098]
Merkel SR1 Basic [57050-002D]
Remington 700 Short [57050-0012]
Remington 700 S 20 MOA [57050-2012]
Remington 700 Long [57050-0112]
Remington 700 L 20 MOA [57050-2112]
Remington 783 Short [57050-002S]
Remington 783 S 20MOA [57050-202S]
Remington 783 Long [57050-012S]
Remington 783 L 20MOA [57050-212S]
Remington 7400/7600 [57050-0013]
Remington 870 TAC [57050-002H]
Rossler Titan 3 / 6 [57050-0092]
Rossler Titan 16 [57050-002G]
Ruger 10 / 22 [57050-001Z]
Sako Short [57050-0014]
Sako Long [57050-0114]
Sauer 101 [57050-002K]
Sauer 202 Standard [57050-0080]
Sauer 202 Mag [57050-0180]
Sauer 303 [43357-041R]
Savage Short [57050-0093]
Savage Short 20 MOA [57050-2093]
Savage Long [57050-0193]
Savage Long 20 MOA [57050-2193]
Steyr Mannlicher M [57050-0288]
Steyr Mannlicher S [57050-0388]
Tikka T3 [57050-0081]
Tikka T3 20 MOA [57050-2081]
Winchester Mod.70 S [57050-0024]
Winchester Mod. 70 L [57050-0124]
Winchester Mod.70 WSM [57050-0169]
Winchester Mod.70 WSSM [57050-0069]
Winchester SXR Vulcan [57050-001J]
Winchester XPR Short [57050-002V]
Winchester XPR Long [57050-012V]

If you cannot see the picatinny rail you are looking for, go to our Complete List of Picatinny Rails to see our full range of options.

Recknagel Steel Rails are also made, and are available in certain models below:

Recknagel Blank Rails. Available in different lengths and materials and will need gun smithing to fit.

Recknagel Picatinny Rails

Recknagel | Picatinny/Weaver Bases

A selection of Recknagel Front and Back Picatinny/Weaver Bases are available. An alternative to a full picatinny/weaver rail, reducing weight and creating a space between where the rings and bases attach to to the rifle. This allows for large scope mid-sections and allows your scope to sit lower and to get a closer fit to the barrel. The ideal scope position is as close to the barrel as possible.To see the complete range of Recknagel Bases, see the Catalogue.

Recknagel Weaver Picatinny Bases

Recknagel | Optilock Bases

The front and back bases for tip-off mounts fit 16mm dovetail. This is the correct measurement for Optilock Rings, so you can fix these bases to your rifle and use your existing Optilock Rings. The low construction and the separate bases allows for large scope mid-sections and allows your scope to sit lower and to get a closer fit to the barrel. To see the complete range of Recknagel Bases, see the Catalogue.

Recknagel Optilock Bases

A Custom Mount?

Using blanks and parts from Recknagel, we can build custom made mounts to fit your rifle. Generally custom made mounts are needed for obscure models, custom built or older guns which Recknagel don't produce standard fitting parts for. The work involved could vary from drilling some holes to fit to a fully made part, this is why it's hard to quote without seeing the gun. If you are interested in a custom mount, please feel free to contact us for more information.

If you cannot find a rail for your rifle, try looking at our Picatinny Rail List. This has a complete list of the rifle models we supply rails for, including part numbers, heights and hole spacing.